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Pump Sampler

Pump Sampler

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The Pump Sampler  is designed for fast quality control and testing work. This PTFE set comes with PTFE tubes and a chemically resistant PFA bottle. It is ideal for liquid sampling up to about 4m deep. Because the tube is the only contact parts, it is ideal for contamination free sampling.

The sampler is supplied as a set so it is easy to get started.

  • This set contains:
  • 1 x plastic hand pump
  • 1 x PFA Bottle 180ml
  • 1 x PTFE Hose 5m
  • 1 x Tube cutter
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Hose weight
  • 1 x Carrying Case

NOTE: This sampler must not be used with flammable solvents



The sample is drawn up through the hose into the bottle. Attach a hose and bottle to the pump. operate the sampler which will draw liquid up the tube into the bottle.
The Pump Sampler is suitable for low to medium viscosity liquids. The only product contact parts are the delivery hose and the sample bottle. It is ideal for materials like water, oil and liquid.

QUALITY - Made from high quality PTFE Tube and PFA bottle

FLEXIBILITY - Ideal for sampling up to 4m deep

FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide


  Specification Sheets   Certificate
5020P-100 Sampling Tube LDPE Certificate of Conformity 5020T-100 Sampling Tube PTFE Certificate of Conformity
5020T-01 Sampler Set - PTFE    
5020P-100 Sampling Tube 100m - LDPE    
5020T-100 Sampling Tube 100m - PTFE    
8130A Sample Bottle with Tamper Proof Caps - HDPE    
Part No. Description Material Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
5020T-01 PTFE Pump Sampler Set PTFE & PFA 2 £304.56 £365.47 Compare
5020L-01 Disposable Tube. 1m PE Tube. Box of 100. Individually bagged PE 11 £319.70 £383.64 Compare
5020L-01S Disposable Tube. 1m PE Tube. Box of 100. Sterile. Individually bagged PE 21 £343.25 £411.90 Compare
5020L-02S Disposable Tube. 2m PE Tube. Box of 20 Sterile. Individually bagged PE 13 £152.48 £182.98 Compare
5020P-100 100m PE Tube PE 6 £67.25 £80.70 Compare
5020P-101 100m PE Tube with batch and FDA compliant certification PE 20 £172.30 £206.76 Compare
5020T-100 100m PTFE Tube. PTFE 19 £334.42 £401.30 Compare
5020T-100USP 100m PTFE Tube. USP Class VI PTFE 5 £511.48 £613.78 Compare