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SteriWare Slot Sampler
SteriWare Slot Sampler SteriWare Slot Sampler SteriWare Slot Sampler

SteriWare Slot Sampler

The disposable Slot Sampler is ideal for taking fast multilevel, cross sectional samples from powders and granules. Available in several convenient lengths and different sample volumes The Disposable Slot Sampler takes a single composite sample from the top, middle and bottom of your powder bed.

Single use sampling tools are ideal for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and biotech companies. They overcome the need for costly cleaning, cleaning validation and there is no chance of cross contamination.


Push the sampler into the powder and rotate the handle to open the sampler and take the sample. Close and remove the sampler.

  • QUALITY - Made from food grade HDPE. Conforms to the latest FDA and EU requirements. BSE/TSE free

  • POWDER AND GRANULE - Ideal for a wide range of materials

  • INDIVIDUALLY BAGGED - The samplers are manufactured, assembled and packed in a cleanroom to ensure cleanliness.

  • BIG CHOICE - Wide range of lengths and sample volumes available from stock. Fast express delivery worldwide. Most places will see delivery in 2 - 3 days

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide. Over 1 million stock items that can be delivered to most parts of the world within 1-2 days
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
8073H-500 Disposable Slot Sampler 500mm - non sterile 8073 Disposable Slot Sampler
Certificate of Conformity
8073H-500S Disposable Slot Sampler 500mm - sterile    
8073H-1000 Disposable Slot Sampler 1000mm - non sterile    
8073H-1000S Disposable Slot Sampler 1000mm - sterile    
8073J-1000 Disposable Jumbo Slot Sampler 1000mm - non sterile    
8073J-1000S Disposable Jumbo Slot Sampler 1000mm - sterile    
Part No. Length mm Volume ml Sterile Pack Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Action
8073H-500 620 100 No 20 124 £125.86 £151.03
8073H-500S 620 100 Yes 20 364 £135.00 £161.99
8073H-1000 970 170 No 20 61 £146.98 £176.37
8073H-1000S 970 170 Yes 20 104 £165.05 £198.06
8073J-1000 1000 500 No 20 31 £202.00 £242.40
8073J-1000S 1000 500 Yes 20 112 £218.50 £262.20
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