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Storage Containers 316Lss (20 to 100L)

Storage Containers 316Lss (20 to 100L)

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Our stainless steel storage containers are available in a range of sizes from 20 to 100 litre. They are commonly used as storage, mixing, production or as transport containers.

As standard they are supplied with a lid and come with 2 side handles. They have a crevice free interior and the bottom has extra protection from a chime ring. 
Optional toggle clamps can be used to secure the lid, We recommend at least 4 toggles per container be order and 5 with the 75 and 100 litre. 
The lid can be removed within seconds. After use they can be easily cleaned as there are no crevices. 

  • QUALITY – Made from 316L stainless steel. The standard silicone seal conforms to the latest FDA requirements. Other seal materials such as EPDM and Viton are available 
  • LARGE CHOICE- Available in 6 convenient sizes. For larger sizes please see our A416 or A126 ranges 
  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days. 
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide 
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
A466-20 Storage Container 316L ss 20L A466 Storage Containers 316L ss - Certificate of Conformity
A466-25 Storage Container 316L ss 25L    
A466-30 Storage Container 316L ss 30L    
A466-50 Storage Container 316L ss 50L    
A466-75 Storage Container 316L ss 75L    
A466-100 Storage Container 316L ss 100L    
Part No. Description Diameter mm Height mm Material Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
A466-20 Storage Container 316Lss 20L 265 390 316L ss 1 £494.42 £593.31 Compare
A466-25 Storage Container 316Lss 25L 300 390 316L ss 2 £601.67 £722.01 Compare
A466-30 Storage Container 316Lss 30L 300 460 316L ss 9 £638.14 £765.77 Compare
A466-50 Storage Container 316Lss 50L 350 560 316L ss 36 £774.77 £929.73 Compare
A466-75 Storage Container 316Lss 75L 400 625 316L ss 1 £949.38 £1,139.25 Compare
A466-100 Storage Container 316Lss 100L 445 675 316L ss £1,147.58 £1,377.09 Compare
TOGGLES1 Toggle Clamp. Make sure you order the correct qty per container - - 304 ss 2749 £36.46 £43.75 Compare
SIL-20-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 20L 265 - Silicone 16 £32.29 £38.75 Compare
SIL-25-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 25L 300 - Silicone 37 £32.29 £38.75 Compare
SIL-30-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 30L 300 - Silicone 27 £31.91 £38.29 Compare
SIL-50-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 50L 350 - Silicone 44 £31.91 £38.29 Compare
SIL-75-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 75L 400 - Silicone 36 £44.92 £53.91 Compare
SIL-100-FDA Silicone Seal for Storage Container 100L 445 - Silicone 35 £45.38 £54.45 Compare