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Stainless Ware

High quality stainless steel containers, storage drums, utensils, scoops and general purpose equipment generally available from stock in corrosion resistant 316L.
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Mini-Pots (Stainless Steel Tubs) 7ml to 1000ml

Our stainless steel MiniPots are multi purpose small volume containers. They are made entirely out o..

Pallet Knife

The Sampling Systems Pallet Knives are manufactured totally from stainless steel. They are ideal for..

Silicone O-Ring for Mini Pot

The Sampling Systems range of silicone o rings are available for our range of mini pot containers. T..

Stainless Containers (1 to 30 Litres) - BEST SELLER

Our range of high quality, hygienic stainless containers with lids are ideal for storing and process..

Stainless Containers (1 to 30 Litres) with GL45 Internal Thread

Our range of high quality 316L stainless containers with a GL45 thread are ideal for powders and liq..

Stainless Containers (1 to 30 Litres) with GL45 Thread & Cap

Our range of high quality 316L stainless containers with a GL45 thread are ideal for powders and liq..

Wide Mouth Stainless Containers (50 to 100 Litres)

The stainless steel wide mouth containers are perfect multi purpose drums. They can be used for manu..

316L Stainless Steel Jugs

Our high quality Stainless Steel Jugs are made from heavy duty 316L stainless steel. The jugs have s..

Bailer Made in 316L Stainless Steel

Our high quality bailers are made from 316L stainless steel and are entirely crevice free. They are ..

Conical Jugs

Our stainless jugs are ideal for every day use in manufacturing areas, laboratories and in general i..

Jugs 316ss

High Quality Jug for dispensing liquids ..

Mini-Drums 304ss (1 to 15 Litre)

Mini-Drums are high quality storage and production containers made from 304 stainless steel. They ar..

Mini-Drums 316L ss (1 to 15 Litre)

Our stainless steel Mini-Drums are a multi purpose stainless steel container in a range of sizes fro..

Pallet Knife with Plastic Handle

Our pallet knives are the perfect tool for spreading, scraping and general industrial use. The ergon..

Pallet Knife with Wooden Handle

The stainless pallet knives are ideal for use in many cosmetic, food and chemical applications. Stan..

PharmaScoops - High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Scoops

PharmaScoops are used in thousands of companies around the world. These stainless steel scoops are m..

Safety Cans (for hazardous goods)

The stainless steel Safety Cans are ideal for flammable and hazardous materials. They are available ..

Stainless Dipper

Our Stainless Dippers are ideal for sampling liquids and suspensions. Simply insert the dipper into ..

Stainless Jugs

Our high quality stainless steel Jugs are ideal for use in laboratory and production environments. T..

Stirring Paddles

The Sampling Systems stainless paddle is ideal for stirring thick, high viscosity materials and liqu..

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