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Cream Samplers

ViscoThief, corers and general samplers for creams, pastes, gels and waxy materials. Can also be used for materials like butter, cream, honey etc..
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SteriWare ViscoThief - Ideal for Single Use Cream Sampling
Our ViscoThief samplers are ideal for sterile sampling of viscous materials. It takes fast samples of viscous materials like honey, creams, pastes and..
Meat and Cheese Sampler
Our cheese and meat sampler takes a handy 25mm round slug sample. It is ideal for taking samples of various meats like beef, chicken and lamb. It is a..
The Sampling Systems Corer Sampler is the ideal tool for taking semi solid materials samples of materials such as waxes, cheeses, greases. The sampler..
Sampling cheese, wax, butter and other similar materials is easy with MaxiCorer. It is also perfect for sampling cohesive (sticky) powders. It is avai..
MiniCorer - Ideal for Sampling Cheese, Wax, Butter etc..
The Sampling Systems Mini Corer is the ideal choice for taking cheese, wax and butter samples. It is supplied in 3 handy lengths. It is manufactured f..
Viscous Sampler
The Viscous Sampler is ideal for sampling pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food stuffs. The design has been perfected over a period of years to allow r..
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