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Powder Samplers

Powder Thief, zone samplers, samples spears, unit dose, reusable and single use quality control equipment for containers, kegs and general sampling.
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BLUE SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
The blue Cupped Powder Spatula is ideal for powder and granule sampling. The cupped design means that even very free-flowing powders remain in the spa..
Pocket Sampler
The highly popular Pocket Sampler is suitable for taking discrete, zone samples from free flowing powders and granules. It is one of our best selling ..
Powder Thief (0.25ml - 2ml)
The PowderThief was originated by Sampling Systems over 25 years ago and is now a firmly established world leader in powder sampling. It is extensivel..
Powder Thief (10ml - 25ml)
Fast sampling of granules and powders is easy with the Powder Thief from Sampling Systems. It is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemi..
Powder Thief (20ml - 100ml)
The stainless steel powder sampling tool is designed for fast sampling of granules and powders. A single powder thief body can accept a wide range of ..
Powder Thief (2ml - 10ml)
The PowderThief  can take a variety of sample sizes from 2ml to 10ml. The Powder Thief from Sampling Systems was originated over 20 years ago and is n..
RED SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
The red Cupped Powder Spatula is the ideal sample for surface sampling and general quality control work. It's very popular for goods in sampling.  The..
Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop
Single use powder scoops from Sampling Systems are manufactured to the highest standards. Everything from the ergonomic design, cleanroom production t..
Slot Sampler - Multilevel Powder Sampling
The Slot Sampler is one of our most popular samplers. It is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries around the wo..
Slot Sampler With Bottle Adapter
Ideal for Fast Cross Sectional Sampling.   The Slot Sampler with bottle adapter is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food i..
Sterile Sample Spoons
The sterile spoons are the ideal tool for taking powder or liquid samples. They are supplied individually bagged so you just need to open them and use..
SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
Our range of SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatulas spans different sizes, colours and materials. The Sampling blade has been specially designed to help ret..
SteriWare Mini Spoon (2.5ml and 5ml)
The SteriWare range of Mini Spoons are low cost spoons ideal for sampling, measuring and general production/laboratory work. The handy design comes wi..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops have been specially designed and manufactured for hygienic industries. They are found in dispensaries,..
SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler
The SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler is perfect for taking samples from sacks and bags. This sampler is ideal for fast quality checks through the sides ..
SteriWare Slot Sampler
The disposable Slot Sampler is ideal for taking fast multilevel, cross sectional samples from powders and granules. Available in several convenient le..
Blue SteriWare Powder Spatula
Highly Visible Spatula - made in a cleanroom ..
Mono Pocket Sampler - Sampling from One Point
Zone sampler for taking a single sample of free flowing powders and granules. The sampler is available in a range of sizes and designs. Its GMP design..
PharmaScoops - High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Scoops
PharmaScoops are used in thousands of companies around the world. These stainless steel scoops are made from heavy gauge 316L stainless steel and so h..
Point Sampler - Large Volume Powder Sampler
A large volume solids sampling tool that is fast and easy to use. The Point Sampler is able to take a 100ml single point sample from both free flowing..
Powder Lance
An ideal sampling tool for taking fast multilevel, cross sectional powder and granule samples. The scraper fitt..
Sleeve Sampler
The Sleeve Sampler is ideal when you need a large volume sample. The sampler consists of a Sample Collecting Chamber and a handle. The effective oper..
SteriWare Powder Lance
ideal for taking cross sectional samples through a bulk powder. Available in several convenient lengths and three sample volumes.  The sampling lance ..
SteriWare Powder Spatula
Sterile sampling and dispensing powders has never been easier thanks to the SteriWare Powder Spatula. It is popular in goods in and general post produ..
SteriWare Powder Thief
It is ideal for taking fast representative powder samples from known locations within the bulk. The Powder Thief comes with a range of different tip ..
SteriWare PowderSafe
The PowderSafe is an excellent solid sampling tool. It comprises of our best selling Powder Spatula complete with a see through, click-on cover. The ..
U-D Master DOUBLE Style
Our  U-D Master is the ultimate tool for taking unit dose powder samples. It is ideal for taking small sample volumes as outlined by the FDA. Various ..
U-D Master SINGLE Style
Our  U-D Master is the ultimate tool for taking unit dose powder samples. It is ideal for taking small sample volumes as outlined by the FDA. Various ..
U-D Master TRIPLE Style
The triple version of our UD Master takes 3 powder samples from every location. It is ideal for segmented unit dose sampling. Removable inserts are pu..
U-D Sleeve Sampler
Accurate Unit Dose Powder Sampler ..
AccuPod Sample Thief - Fast Unit Dose Sampling
Small volume powder samples can be quickly and accurately taken with the AccuPod sampler. The patented sample thief overcomes many of the traditional ..
Aluminium Slot Sampler
The Aluminium Slot Sampler from Sampling  Systems is a zone sampler. Zone sampling is when you take a multilevel sample. The sampler is suitable for u..
Grain Spear
Our aluminium grain Spear sampler is ideal for fast sampling. It takes a large volume cross-sectional sample. This spiral sampler is easy to use and ..
Jumbo Sack Sampler
Our stainless Jumbo Sack Samplers has been introduced to meet the demand for sampling large items that are from sacks. This includes nuts, grain and l..
Long Handled PharmaScoop
Our Long Handled PharmaScoop are ideal when you need that extra long handle to reach difficult places. The long handle allows the operator to safely ..
Multi-Thief with Interchangeable Inserts
The Multi-Thief is a popular sampler for use free flowing powders and granules. The sample is collected in removable Sample Inserts, this means that t..
Multilevel Tablet and Capsule Sampler
The Tablet and Capsules sampler from Sampling Systems is ideal for taking multi point samples. The sampler comes as standard in a 800mm length with 3 ..
Open PharmaScoops
Scooping powder and granules is easy with our range of open scoops. Their heavy duty, crevice free construction makes them ideal for use in the food,..
Reusable Plastic Powder Scoop
The Reusable Measuring Scoops are the ideal scoop for general laboratory, production sand sampling work. They are available in a wide range of sizes. ..
Soil Sampler Pro
Our stainless steel Soil Sampler Pro is ideal for lawns, meadows and light to medium soils. It takes a fast cross sectional soil sample. The robust s..
SteriWare Flat Spatula
The new Flat Spatula from Sampling Systems is ideal for various work in the laboratory, production and research and development. Ideal for many uses i..
SteriWare Long Handled Scoop
SteriWare Long Handled Scoops are the ideal tool for reaching into deep containers. The extra long handle will help operators keep their hands out of ..
SteriWare Long Handled Spoons
These Powder and liquid spoons are ideal when you to keep your hand clean in line with GMP guidelines. The long handle also means they can be easily s..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PP (White) - Chemically Resistant Scoop
The Sampling Systems range of sterile sampling scoops are used by companies all over the world. They are available in a wide range of materials and co..
Double Bagged - USP Class VI Micro Spatula
Our double bagged micro spatula is perfect for small volume powder sampling and dispensing. The narrow design means they can be used with most vials a..
GMP Scoop in 316L Stainless Steel
Our GMP scoops are suitable for use in a variety of locations including food, chemical and pharmaceutical. The fully radiused body means they are eas..
Square PharmaScoops
These flat scoops are ideal for scooping along flat surfaces or the bottom of containers. The square scoop shape means they are easy to fill and use. ..
Disposable Sack sampler
Our hygienic disposable Sack Samplers are the ideal device to use when retrieving samples from a sack. It is very simple to use. Unwrap the sampler an..
Sample Lance
The stainless steel Sample Lance is fast and easy to use.  It is ideal for taking cross sectional samples of powders and some pastes. The Sampling lan..
Silo Rocket sampler
The Silo Rocket is the ideal sampler when taking a large bulk sample. The 500ml chamber takes a large sample of both free flowing  and cohesive powde..
Stainless Filling Scoop
The unique filling Scoop is ideal for filling bags and bottles quickly. The hollow handle allows powder and granules to flow though it into a bag or b..
SteriWare Mono Slot Sampler
Taking single point samples of powders and granules is simple with the Mono Slot Sampler. This disposable sampler offers simple operation and the abi..
SteriWare Powder Probe
The SteriWare Powder Probe offers an open blade which enables cross sectional samples to be taken through sticky cohesive powder and free flowing po..
Powder Trier
When your powder is compacted the Powder Trier  Sampler is perfect for taking samples from multiple points. The scroll helps the sampler go into dense..
Sack Master
The Worlds Best Range of High Quality Sack Samplers Sack sampling is fast and easy with our range of sack samplers. Simply push the sampler into the..
Sterile Food Spoons
The food spoons are ideal for working with powders, granules, liquids and creams. The blue spoons are manufactured from food grade chemically resistan..
SteriWare Sample Spoons RED
Our sterile spoons are manufactured from food grade polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP). The sturdy handle means taking both solid and liquid sampl..
Tablet and Capsule Sampler
Our capsule and tablet sampler is design to take a cross sectional at 5 points through the container or drum. Its entirely made from 316L stainless st..
Weighing PharmaScoop
The Weighing PharmaScoop has a flat bottom so that it can stand on a bench or weighing scales without falling over.  Weighing PharmaScoops are made fr..
Emptying Rack
Emptying multilevel Pocket Samplers is fast and easy with our range of sampler racks. Manufactured from stainless steel so cleaning is easy. The racks..
Measuring Scoop
The Sampling Systems Measuring spoon is ideal for scooping out fixed volumes of powder or liquid. These Measuring Scoops are made from high quality 3..
Metal Detectable Long Handled Scoops
Our Long Handled Metal Detectable Scoops are perfect for both sampling and dispensing when working with powders and granules. The long handle and the ..
Metal Detectable Long Handled Spoon
Blue detectable sample spoons with a long handle are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The whole range is manufactured in cleanro..
Metal Detectable Micro Spatula
Our detectable micro spatula are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The whole range is manufactured in cleanroom conditions and pa..
Metal Detectable Spoons
Our Metal Detectable Spoons are made from food grade polypropylene (PP). A special food grade filler is mixed with the PP and this makes the final pro..
Metal Detectable V Spatula
Powder sampling is fast with our detectable V spatula. they are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The whole range is manufactured..
SteriWare FoodScoop PP - BLUE
The SteriWare blue scoops are available sterile and non-sterile. The bright blue colour means they can be easily spotted if they are left behind in th..
Cement Sampler
The Cement Sampler allows large volume samples to be taken from trucks and tankers. The Cement Sampler can be used with free flowing powders and g..
Cohesive Pocket Sampler
Multi point sampling of cohesive powders is easy with our Cohesive Pocket Sampler.  It is perfect when the material being sampled has poor flow prope..
Cohesive Sampler
Our Cohesive Sampler is the ideal quality control tool for taking samples of sticky, non flowing solids. The sampler has a rugged 316L stainless steel..
Cohesive Slot Sampler
The Cohesive Slot Sampler is perfect when the material being sampled has poor flow properties. The scrapers which are welded to the sample body push ..
Economy Scoops
Our stainless steel chemical and food scoops are available in a wide range of sizes from stock. They have an easy to use shape with a smooth rounded h..
Industrial Scoops
Stainless steel industrial scoops are cost effective scoops for general purpose use. They have a robust design and available in a selection of sizes f..
Inserts for U-D Master
Multi-level, Unit Dose Powder Sampler ..
Sampling cheese, wax, butter and other similar materials is easy with MaxiCorer. It is also perfect for sampling cohesive (sticky) powders. It is avai..
Our high quality Micro Spatulas are ideal for measuring and sampling small amounts of powder, granule and cream. They can be used for surface sampling..
The MicroMate takes a low volume sample of free flowing powders and granules from a single point. Tt has been used by many companies to samples of in..
For fast low volume bulk sampling the MicroThief is one of the best samplers on the market. It can be easily adjusted to take any sample volume betw..
MiniCorer - Ideal for Sampling Cheese, Wax, Butter etc..
The Sampling Systems Mini Corer is the ideal choice for taking cheese, wax and butter samples. It is supplied in 3 handy lengths. It is manufactured f..
Powder Max - 150ml Sampler
Large volume powder sampling is easy and fast with the Powder Max. It is ideal for take a large (150ml) volume sample of free flowing powders and gr..
PTFE Scoops
Our PTFE Scoops are totally inert and are ideal when you want some the best chemical resistance. The scoops are available in both 100ml and 500ml size..
Sample Ejection Rod
The Sample Ejection Rod is a stainless steel tool that will help the removal of a powdered sample. Choose a rod that is longer than the sampler that i..
Sample Kit - 10 off Sterile Scoops and Bags
Our sample kit makes soil and powder sampling fast and simple. Each handy kit comprises of 10 sterile scoops and 10 sterile bags. The scoops are all ..
Sampler Tips
Stainless steel tips can be retro fitted to many samplers in our range. This can make the sampler more effective in certain applications. Replacement..
Stainless Steel Micro Spatula
Ideal for dispensing and sampling small quantities ..
SteriWare Micro-Spatula
The sterile Micro Spatula is ideal for sampling, dispensing and measuring small amounts of powder and granule. The narrow blades gives you total contr..
SteriWare PharmaScoop HDPE
Our high quality range disposable scoops are supplied individually bagged available in sterile and non sterile versions. This HDPE version gives ..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PS - RED
Our Red Scoops are a popular item for use in laboratory, production and quality work. The bright red colour means that they can be easily seen if lef..
SteriWare Powder Sampler
The disposable Powder Sampler is a single use device for taking a large volume sample from a single known point. Simply push the sampler into the po..
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons
Accurate volumes can be quickly sampled or measured with our range of volumetric spoons. Theis popular range is suitable for use with powders, granul..
Telescopic Powder Sampler
Our Telescopic Powder Samplers can be extended to your required length. It consists of a telescopic pole and a quick-change Sample Chamber. The pole..
U-D Cohesive Sampler
The Unit Dose Cohesive Sampler is used throughout the pharmaceutical industry for taking single point samples from sticky, cohesive powders. This powd..
V Spatula
The V Spatula is a multi purpose sampling tool. It has been design for taking surface samples of powders and viscous materials. it is also suitable fo..
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