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Lab Ware

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30ml - 2500ml SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
White, Polystyrene Scoop The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops have b..
SteriWare Capsule Counting Tray
SteriWare Capsule Counting Trays Use straight from the bag. The disposable counting trays are made f..
SteriWare Counting Triangle
SteriWare Counting Triangles The SteriWare Counting Triangle is ideal for counting round tablets. Th..
SteriWare Long Handled Scoop
SteriWare Long Handled Scoop SteriWare Long Handled Scoops are the ideal tool for reaching into deep..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop PP (White)
Disposable Polypropylene Scoops, White An international best-seller, the SteriWar..
SteriWare Jug (Graduated)
SteriWare Graduated Jug - Ideal For Measuring Liquids ..
SteriWare Powder Bottle
SteriWare Powder Bottle ..
SteriWare BLUE Scoops PP
Highly Visible Blue Scoops ..
SteriWare Funnel
SteriWare Funnel ..
SteriWare Jugs
SteriWare Jugs ..
SteriWare Knife
Hygienic Knife, made in a cleanroom ..
SteriWare Micro-Spatula
Ideal for handling Small Amounts of Powders & Granules ..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Large Volume Disposable Bowl ..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Disposable Bowl ..
SteriWare Pallet Knife
SteriWare Pallet Knife ..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop HDPE
Sterile Scoops Made From HDPE The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops h..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop PS - RED
RED Sterile Scoops Made From PS The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops..
SteriWare Powder Funnel
Disposable Powder Funnel ..
SteriWare Scraper
SteriWare Scraper ..
SteriWare Tray
SteriWare Tray ..
SteriWare Tweezers
SteriWare Tweezers (Forceps) ..
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