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Containers, bottles, storage drums and processing containers from 1ml to 300 litres. Available in plastic and stainless steel from stock
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Carboys - 10 and 20 litre with Optional Tap

Our 10 and 20 litre carboys are ideal for the storage of liquids. They are manufactured from robust ..

Mini-Pots (Stainless Steel Tubs) 7ml to 1000ml

Our stainless steel MiniPots are multi purpose small volume containers. They are made entirely out o..

Narrow Mouth Bottles (4ml to 15ml)

Our narrow mouth bottles are available in various sizes from 4ml to 15ml. They have a screw on cap a..

Silicone O-Ring for Mini Pot

The Sampling Systems range of silicone o rings are available for our range of mini pot containers. T..

Stainless Containers (1 to 30 Litres) - BEST SELLER

Our range of high quality, hygienic stainless containers with lids are ideal for storing and process..

Stainless Containers (1 to 30 Litres) with GL45 Internal Thread

Our range of high quality 316L stainless containers with a GL45 thread are ideal for powders and liq..

Stainless Containers (1 to 30 Litres) with GL45 Thread & Cap

Our range of high quality 316L stainless containers with a GL45 thread are ideal for powders and liq..

Wide Mouth AMBER Bottles

Our watertight wide mouth amber bottles have a screw on cap and are ideal for transporting and stori..

Wide Mouth Bottles (30ml to 2 Litres)

Our Wide Mouth Bottle are available in a wide range of sizes from 30ml to 2000ml. They have a screw ..

Wide Mouth Stainless Containers (50 to 100 Litres)

The stainless steel wide mouth containers are perfect multi purpose drums. They can be used for manu..

Aluminium Bottles (60ml to 1200ml)

This range of aluminium bottles type 8110A has been replaced by our new improved range of aluminium ..

Sample Containers (50ml to 100ml)

Our Sample Containers are perfect for storing and transporting samples. They are popular in laborato..

Wide Mouth Square Bottle

The 4 litre wide mouth bottle is an ideal general purpose large volume bottle. This handy watertight..

316L Stainless Clamp Top Bottle (250 to 1000ml)

Our hygienic 316L Stainless Clamp Top Bottles are both powder and water tight. They are commonly use..

316L Stainless Storage Drums (1 to 200 Litre)

Stainless steel storage drums and kegs are ideal for powders and liquids. Our drums are manufactured..

Clamp Container (1 to 30 Litre)

Our clamp Containers are high quality, heavy duty stainless steel containers with a tri ferrule lid...

Toggle Drums (2 to 300 litres)

Stainless steel Toggle Drums are ideal for use in sanitary conditions. They are made using high qual..

White GMP PP Tubs

Our polypropylene screw top containers are ideal for multiple applications including food, chemical ..

Mini-Drums 316Lss with toggle clamps (1 to 15 litre)

A popular 316L stainless steel container available in a range of sizes from 1 to 15 litres. The crev..

SteriWare Jug (Graduated)

Our range of class leading disposable sterile jugs are manufactured in a Class 100,000 cleanroom to ..

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