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Lab Ware

Reusable and disposable equipment for the laboratory. Items include jugs, trays, funnels, sterile bags, beakers.
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GMP Pallet Knife
Suitable for GMP use ..
Sterile Sample Spoons
The Sampling Systems Range of low cost single use spoons allow quick and efficient surface sampling of powder and granules. Other uses include dispens..
SteriWare Mini Spoon (2.5ml and 5ml)
The SteriWare range of Mini Spoons are low cost spoons ideal for sampling, measuring and general production/laboratory work. The handy design comes wi..
SteriWare Sample Spoons RED
Sterile Sample Spoons ..
Conical Jugs
Low Cost Stainless Steel Jugs ..
Jugs 316ss
High Quality Jug for dispensing liquids ..
Pallet Knife with Plastic Handle
Industrial Grade Pallet Knife ..
Pallet Knife with Wooden Handle
Industrial Grade Pallet Knife ..
Stainless Dipper
Surface Sampling of Liquids and Suspensions ..
Stainless Jugs
Ideal for dispensing liquids ..
Buckets 304ss
High Quality Stainless Steel Buckets ..
Buckets 316 stainless
High Quality Stainless Steel Buckets ..
Buckets 316L Stainless Steel
Our stainless Buckets are ideal for use in production areas, laboratories and general warehouse work. These robust buckets are made from 316L stainles..
Long Handled Stainless Spoons
Long Handled 316 Stainless Steel Spoons ..
Medicine Cup
Medicine Cup ..
Stainless Steel Scraper
Pharmaceutical Grade Scrapers ..
SteriWare Capsule Counting Tray
The disposable counting trays are made from robust, shatterproof PS. They are suitable for use with all capsules from Size 2 to Size 00. They are avai..
SteriWare Counting Triangle
The SteriWare Counting Triangle is ideal for counting round tablets. They are manufactured and packed in a cleanroom and so can be used straight from ..
Swing Tub
300ml Stainless Steel Tub ..
316L Stainless Powder Funnel
Our stainless steel Powder Funnels are made from high quality 316L stainless steel. They are constructed with a wide diameter discharge spout, this wi..
Liquid Funnel 304ss
Stainless Steel Liquid Funnel ..
Powder Funnel
Re-Usable Plastic Powder Funnel ..
Tablet Counting Triangle
Quickly and Easily Count Round Tablets ..
60ml to 10.5 Litre Sterile Bags ..
PureBag - Stand UP
400ml and 600ml Free Standing Sterile Sample Bags ..
Sampling Bags
These non sterile sampling bags come in a variety of useful sizes. They are made from clear PE that is suitable for food use. They are both easy to op..
Beaker (316L Stainless)
Our best selling range of 316L stainless steel beakers are available in 4 convenient sizes (from 500ml to 3 litres). They are ideal for the laboratory..
Liquid Funnel - Special Offer
Re-Usable Plastic Liquid Funnel ..
Liquid Funnel PP
Re-Usable Plastic Liquid Funnel ..
Pasteur Pipette
Single-use Plastic Pipettes ..
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