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Lab Ware

Reusable and disposable equipment for the laboratory. Items include jugs, trays, funnels, sterile bags, beakers.
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GMP Pallet Knife

The Sampling Systems GMP Pallet Knives are completely made from stainless steel. They are ideal for ..

Pallet Knife

The Sampling Systems Pallet Knives are manufactured totally from stainless steel. They are ideal for..

Sterile Sample Spoons

The sterile spoons are the ideal tool for taking powder or liquid samples. They are supplied individ..

SteriWare Beaker (Graduated)

Our sterile beakers are an essential piece of laboratory equipment that provide a safe and reliable ..

SteriWare Mini Spoon (2.5ml and 5ml)

The SteriWare range of Mini Spoons are low cost spoons ideal for sampling, measuring and general pro..

316L Stainless Steel Jugs (100ml to 5000ml)

Our high quality Stainless Steel Jugs are made from heavy duty 316L stainless steel. The jugs have s..

Conical Jugs

Our stainless jugs are ideal for every day use in manufacturing areas, laboratories and in general i..

Jugs 316ss

High Quality Jug for dispensing liquids ..

Pallet Knife with Plastic Handle

Our pallet knives are the perfect tool for spreading, scraping and general industrial use. The ergon..

Pallet Knife with Wooden Handle

The stainless pallet knives are ideal for use in many cosmetic, food and chemical applications. Stan..

Stainless Dipper

Our Stainless Dippers are ideal for sampling liquids and suspensions. Simply insert the dipper into ..

Stainless Jugs

Our high quality stainless steel Jugs are ideal for use in laboratory and production environments. T..

316L Stainless Steel Trays

A range of high quality trays manufactured from 316L stainless steel. They are designed for heavy du..

Buckets 304ss

Our heavy duty Stainless steel Buckets are made from heavy gauge stainless steel and are very durabl..

Buckets 316 stainless

Stainless Buckets are ideal for use in hygienic production areas. These robust buckets are made from..

Buckets 316L Stainless Steel

Our stainless Buckets are ideal for use in production areas, laboratories and general warehouse work..

Laboratory Spoon

Our range of stainless steel laboratory spoons are used in production and laboratories all over the ..

Long Handled Spoons - 316L Stainless Steel

The Sampling Systems range of high quality Stainless Spoons are useful for laboratory and production..

Medicine Cup

Our high quality medicine cups are useful for holding small amounts of powder, granule or liquid. Th..

Stainless Steel Scraper

These scrapers are made from hygienic stainless steel.  316L stainless steel gives you the chemical ..

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