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Swabbing tools, sample splitters, blenders, cases and cleaning coupons are all included in our huge range available for next day delivery
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Sampler Tips

Stainless steel tips can be retro fitted to many samplers in our range. This can make the sampler mo..

Sealing Sleeve Set

The sealing sleeves are a clever tool that can be used with the pocket and slot samplers. They enabl..

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SteriWare Knife

The single use knife from Sampling Systems  is an ideal tool for sample preparation. It is great at ..

SteriWare Mixing Bowl - 500ml and 3 Litre

Mixing of powders and liquids is easy with our useful range of bowls. The whole range is manufacture..

SteriWare Tray

Our prep trays are used for multiple tasks such as storing and mixing solutions or even putting clea..


Our digital thermometer is perfect for taking the temperature of Liquids and Solids. The clear scree..

Titrating Burette

Accurate Dosing of Laboratory Reagents ..


A range of tube made from different polymers in different lengths. Some of the tube is pre-sterilise..

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