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Mini-Drums 316L ss (1 to 15 Litre)

Mini-Drums 316L ss (1 to 15 Litre)

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Product Description

Our stainless steel Mini-Drums are a multi purpose stainless steel container in a range of sizes from 1 litre to 15 litres. They are ideal for working with both powders and liquids. The containers come with a drop-on lid. The lid can be secured with toggle clamps and O ring seals which are optional extras. We recommend that three toggle clamps are used.


All the containers come with a swing handle which makes them easy to move. The lid drops on and is a sung fit.
  • QUALITY - These containers are made from high quality 316Lstainless steel and finished to a quality mirror polish. All the welds are ground and polish smooth. They are ideal for almost all applications including GMP, food and chemical use

  • FAST DELIVERY - Over 1 million stock items. Delivered almost everywhere within 1 - 2 days.

  • BIG CHOICE - Available in a wide range of sizes. Just part of our huge range of stock containers

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide
  Specification Sheets   Certificate
A446-1 Mini Drum 316L ss 1L A446 Mini Drum 316L ss - Certificate of Conformity
A446-2 Mini Drum 316L ss 2L    
A446-3 Mini Drum 316L ss 3L    
A446-5 Mini Drum 316L ss 5L    
A446-6 Mini Drum 316L ss 6L    
A446-8 Mini Drum 316L ss 8L    
A446-10 Mini Drum 316L ss 10L    
A446-12 Mini Drum 316L ss 12L    
A446-15 Mini Drum 316L ss 15L    
Part No. Description Diameter mm Height mm Material Price Price+VAT Qty Compare Action
A446-1 Mini-Drum 316Lss 1L 100 155 316L ss £126.92 £152.30 Compare
A446-2 Mini-Drum 316Lss 2L 130 175 316L ss £148.90 £178.68 Compare
A446-3 Mini-Drum 316Lss 3L 155 185 316L ss £168.52 £202.23 Compare
A446-5 Mini-Drum 316Lss 5L 175 240 316L ss £201.75 £242.10 Compare
A446-6 Mini-Drum 316Lss 6L 175 280 316L ss £204.34 £245.21 Compare
A446-8 Mini-Drum 316Lss 8L 200 285 316L ss £235.62 £282.75 Compare
A446-10 Mini-Drum 316Lss 10L 220 295 316L ss £240.78 £288.94 Compare
A446-12 Mini-Drum 316Lss 12L 237 285 316L ss £275.00 £330.00 Compare
A446-15 Mini-Drum 316Lss 15L 267 285 316L ss £288.33 £345.99 Compare
TOGGLES1 Toggle Clamp. Make sure you order the correct qty per container - - 304 ss £33.63 £40.36 Compare
SIL-1-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 1L 100 - Silicone £10.15 £12.18 Compare
SIL-2-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 2L 130 - Silicone £15.73 £18.87 Compare
SIL-3-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 3L 155 - Silicone £17.84 £21.40 Compare
SIL-5-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 5L 175 - Silicone £18.32 £21.98 Compare
SIL-6-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 6L 175 - Silicone £17.97 £21.57 Compare
SIL-8-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 8L 200 - Silicone £19.14 £22.96 Compare
SIL-10-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 10L 220 - Silicone £22.72 £27.27 Compare
SIL-12-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 12L 237 - Silicone £25.12 £30.14 Compare
SIL-15-FDA Silicone Seal for Mini-Drum 15L 267 - Silicone £29.79 £35.75 Compare