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PTFE Dipper
PTFE Dipper

PTFE Dipper

Chemically Resistant Surface Sampler

The PTFE Dipper has excellent chemical resistance due to all the product contact parts being made from PTFE. Each dipper is supplied with a sampling cup and a screw in handle. Additional handles can be used to increase the reach of the dipper.

  • Single point, surface sampler sampler
  • Made from PTFE (FDA acceptable)
  • Available in a range of different volumes
  • Use extension rods to increase the reach of the sampler

  Specifications sheet   Certificate
5100A-10 PTFE Dipper 10ml 5100_PTFE_Dipper_Certificate_of_Conformity
5100A-100 PTFE Dipper 100ml    
5100A-250 PTFE Dipper 250ml
5100A-500 PTFE Dipper 500ml    
5100A-1000 PTFE Dipper 1000ml    

5100E-600 PTFE Extension Rods 600mm

Part No. Description Volume ml Material Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Action
5100A-100 PTFE Dipper 100ml 100 PTFE 6 £84.26 £101.11
5100A-250 PTFE Dipper 250ml 250 PTFE 5 £102.56 £123.07
5100A-500 PTFE Dipper 500ml 500 PTFE 4 £118.14 £141.77
PTFE Extension Rod 600mm - PTFE 10 £56.41 £67.70
PTFE Extension Rod 1000mm - PTFE 5 £65.00 £78.00
5100A-1000 PTFE Dipper 1000ml 1000 PTFE 8 £134.61 £161.53
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