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SteriWare Pharma Scoop PP (White) - Chemically Resistant Scoop
SteriWare Pharma Scoop PP (White) - Chemically Resistant Scoop SteriWare Pharma Scoop PP (White) - Chemically Resistant Scoop SteriWare Pharma Scoop PP (White) - Chemically Resistant Scoop

SteriWare Pharma Scoop PP (White) - Chemically Resistant Scoop

An international best-seller, the SteriWare PharmaScoop sets the global standard for handling powder, commonly used within pharmaceutical and industrial companies worldwide.

The PharmaScoops are available in a range of different sizes and colours, enabling you to find the perfect variant to suit your requirements. Constructed from FDA conforming materials, they are moulded and packed in a cleanroom to ensure cleanliness. Full batch traceability comes as standard, with sterile options also available from stock if required. It can be used as a sampling scoop or a general purpose scoop in the manufacturing area.

These are the leading high quality, affordable, single use scoops in the world.

  • Worldwide best seller
  • Available both sterile and non-sterile
  • Moulded & packed in a Class 100,000 Cleanroom
  • Each scoop is individually wrapped
  • Made from FDA acceptable polymers
  • BSE/TSE free
  • Suitable for use in ATEX zones 0, 1 and 2
Our unique PharmaScoop

Our unique ergonomic handles are positioned high on the scoop. This is in line with GMP so your hand is as far away from the powder as possible.

Why use a SteriWare™ Disposable PharmaScoop™?

  • GMP Correct - It is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to keep your hands out of the product as much as possible. In accordance with this, we have positioned the ergonomic handle high up on the scoop.
  • Cleanroom Manufacture - All SteriWare™ PharmaScoops™ are moulded, inspected and packed in a Class 100,000 Cleanroom.
  • No Cross Contamination - All SteriWare™ devices can be used straight from the bag.
  • No Cleaning - Unlike a reusable scoop, you can use a SteriWare™ product straight away. This eliminates the need for costly Cleaning Validation.
  • High Quality - Our SteriWare™ products are manufactured/moulded/packed in a Class 100,000 Cleanroom in England. Please see the products Certificate of Conformity & Technical Specification Sheet for more information.
  • Full Documentation - We can provide full batch specific documentation for all SteriWare™ products. This includes Certificates of Conformity & Certificate of Irradiation (where applicable). The batch number is clearly printed on every bag & box.
  • Cost Effective - Removing the need for Cleaning Validation by switching to a SteriWare™ device saves time & money.
  • Available Sterile - Most SteriWare™ products are available pre-sterilized by Gamma or Electron Beam to SAL10-6. Please see the Specification Sheet for more information.
  Specifications sheet   Certificate
8045P-60 Disposable PharmaScoop 60ml - white - PP - non sterile 8045P_Disposable PharmaScoops - White PP - Certificate of Conformity
8045P-500 Disposable PharmaScoop 500ml - white - PP - non sterile    
8045P-1000 Disposable PharmaScoop 1000ml - white - PP - non sterile    
8045P-2500 Disposable PharmaScoop 2500ml - white - PP - non sterile    
Part No. Volume ml Sterile Pack Stock Price Price+VAT Qty Action
8045P-30 30 No 100 10 £63.88 £76.66
8045P-30S 30 Yes 100 10 £79.36 £95.23
8045P-60 60 No 100 10 £93.00 £111.60
8045P-60S 60 Yes 100 10 £120.00 £144.00
8045P-125 125 No 100 10 £91.72 £110.06
8045P-125S 125 Yes 100 10 £117.30 £140.76
8045P-250 250 No 100 10 £98.00 £117.60
8045P-250S 250 Yes 100 10 £157.96 £189.55
8045P-500 500 No 100 43 £224.98 £269.98
8045P-500S 500 Yes 100 52 £336.38 £403.66
8045P-1000 1000 No 100 28 £295.34 £354.41
8045P-1000S 1000 Yes 100 110 £405.00 £486.00
8045P-2500 2500 No 60 28 £210.00 £252.00
8045P-2500S 2500 Yes 60 28 £384.23 £461.07
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