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Unit Dose

Small volume powder and liquid samplers. Accurate sampling of small amounts from one or several locations
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Powder Thief (0.25ml - 1.5ml)
The PowderThief was originated by Sampling Systems over 25 years ago and is now a firmly established world leader in powder sampling. It is extensivel..
Powder Thief (2ml - 10ml)
The PowderThief  can take a variety of sample sizes from 2ml to 10ml. The Powder Thief from Sampling Systems was originated over 20 years ago and is n..
SteriWare LiquiThief
The LiquiThief is a fast and convenient way to sample liquid. It is simple to use and comes with the added advantage that there is no cleanin..
U-D Master DOUBLE Style
Multi-level, Unit Dose Powder Sampler ..
U-D Master SINGLE Style
Multi-level, Unit Dose Powder Sampler ..
U-D Master TRIPLE Style
Multi-level, Unit Dose Powder Sampler ..
U-D Sleeve Sampler
Accurate Unit Dose Powder Sampler ..
AccuPod Sample Thief - Fast Unit Dose Sampling
Small volume powder samples can be quickly and accurately taken with the AccuPod sampler. The patented sample thief overcomes many of the traditional ..
Pasteur Pipette
Taking small volume samples and measuring small amounts of liquid is easy with our Pasteur pipette. They are ideal for general laboratory use and sa..
Measuring Scoop
The Sampling Systems Measuring spoon is ideal for scooping out fixed volumes of powder or liquid. These Measuring Scoops are made from high quality 3..
The MicroMate takes a low volume sample of free flowing powders and granules from a single point. Tt has been used by many companies to samples of in..
For fast low volume bulk sampling the MicroThief is one of the best samplers on the market. It can be easily adjusted to take any sample volume betw..
SteriWare Volumetric Spoons
SteriWare Volumetric Spoon Sterile Sample Spoons - made in a cleanroom ..
U-D Cohesive Sampler
The Unit Dose Cohesive Sampler is used throughout the pharmaceutical industry for taking single point samples from sticky, cohesive powders. This powd..
UD Doser
Accurate Unit Dose Liquid Sampler ..
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