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Manual Samplers

Powder, liquid, cream and general manual samplers. Quality control starts by using the correct equipment.
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Liquid Master
Liquid Sampler for low and medium viscosity liquids ..
Pocket Sampler
The highly popular Pocket Sampler is suitable for taking discrete, zone samples from free flowing powders and granules. It is one of our best selling ..
Powder Thief (0.25ml - 1.5ml)
The PowderThief was originated by Sampling Systems over 25 years ago and is now a firmly established world leader in powder sampling. It is extensivel..
Powder Thief (10ml - 25ml)
Fast sampling of granules and powders is easy with the Powder Thief from Sampling Systems. It is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemi..
Powder Thief (20ml - 100ml)
The stainless steel powder sampling tool is designed for fast sampling of granules and powders. A single powder thief body can accept a wide range of ..
Powder Thief (2ml - 10ml)
The PowderThief  can take a variety of sample sizes from 2ml to 10ml. The Powder Thief from Sampling Systems was originated over 20 years ago and is n..
Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop
Single use powder scoops from Sampling Systems are manufactured to the highest standards. Everything from the ergonomic design, cleanroom production t..
Slot Sampler - Multilevel Powder Sampling
The Slot Sampler is one of our most popular samplers. It is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries around the wo..
Slot Sampler With Bottle Adapter
Ideal for Fast Cross Sectional Sampling.   The Slot Sampler with bottle adapter is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food i..
Sterile Sample Spoons
The sterile spoons are the ideal tool for taking powder or liquid samples. They are supplied individually bagged so you just need to open them and use..
SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
Cupped Spatula with the Superior Sampling Blade Our range of SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatulas spans different sizes, colours and materials. The Sampl..
SteriWare LiquiThief
The LiquiThief is a fast and convenient way to sample liquid. It is simple to use and comes with the added advantage that there is no cleanin..
SteriWare Mini Spoon (2.5ml and 5ml)
The SteriWare range of Mini Spoons are low cost spoons ideal for sampling, measuring and general production/laboratory work. The handy design comes wi..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops have been specially designed and manufactured for hygienic industries. They are found in dispensaries,..
SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler
The SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler is perfect for taking samples from sacks and bags. This sampler is ideal for fast quality checks through the sides ..
SteriWare Sample Spoons RED
Sterile Sample Spoons ..
SteriWare ViscoThief - Ideal for Single Use Cream Sampling
The World's Number 1 Disposable Viscous Sampler Single Use Viscous Sampler The SteriWare ViscoThief is essentially a big..
Blue SteriWare Powder Spatula
Highly Visible Spatula - made in a cleanroom ..
Liquid Pump Sampling Tool With Glass Bottle
The Pump Sampler set with glass bottles is ideal for liquid, oil sampling. It takes fast samples up to 4m deep. It is supplied as a handy set in a car..
Liquid Sampler - Stainless Pump
Liquid Sampler pumps are the ideal tool for fast contamination free quality control work. The pump is ideal for liquid sampling up to about 4m deep. B..
Liquid Sampling PeriPump Set. Up to 8m Deep
The Sampling Systems Peri Pump is the ideal tool for most liquid sampling applications up to 8m deep. As standard it is supplied in a handy set which..
Mono Pocket Sampler - Sampling from One Point
Zone sampler for taking a single sample of free flowing powders and granules. The sampler is available in a range of sizes and designs. Its GMP design..
PharmaScoops - High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Scoops
PharmaScoops are used in thousands of companies around the world. These stainless steel scoops are made from heavy gauge 316L stainless steel and so h..
Point Sampler - Large Volume Powder Sampler
A large volume solids sampling tool that is fast and easy to use. The Point Sampler is able to take a 100ml single point sample from both free flowing..
Powder Lance
An ideal sampling tool for taking fast multilevel, cross sectional powder and granule samples. The scraper fitt..
Pump Sampler
The Pump Sampler  is designed for fast quality control and testing work. This PTFE set comes with PTFE tubes and a chemically resistant PFA bottle. It..
Sleeve Sampler
Large Volume Powder Sampler ..
Stainless Dipper
Our Stainless Dippers are ideal for sampling liquids and suspensions. Simply insert the dipper into the liquid to take a sample. They are ideal for ob..
SteriWare Powder Spatula
Sterile sampling and dispensing powders has never been easier thanks to the SteriWare Powder Spatula. It is popular in goods in and general post produ..
SteriWare PowderSafe
Single Use Spatula with a click-on cover ..
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