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Single use sampling and laboratory equipment. No cleaning required unwrap and use
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BLUE SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula

The blue Cupped Powder Spatula is ideal for powder and granule sampling. The cupped design means tha..

RED SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula

The red Cupped Powder Spatula is the ideal sample for surface sampling and general quality control w..

Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop

Single use powder scoops from Sampling Systems are manufactured to the highest standards. Everything..

Sterile Sample Spoons

The sterile spoons are the ideal tool for taking powder or liquid samples. They are supplied individ..

SteriWare Beaker (Graduated)

Our sterile beakers are an essential piece of laboratory equipment that provide a safe and reliable ..

SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula

Our range of SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatulas spans different sizes, colours and materials. The Samp..

SteriWare LiquiThief

The LiquiThief is a fast and convenient way to sample liquid. It is simple to use and comes with the..

SteriWare Mini Spoon (2.5ml and 5ml)

The SteriWare range of Mini Spoons are low cost spoons ideal for sampling, measuring and general pro..

SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER

The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops have been specially designed and manufactured for hy..

SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler

The SteriWare Sack and Bag Sampler is perfect for taking samples from sacks and bags. This sampler i..

SteriWare Slot Sampler

The disposable Slot Sampler is ideal for taking fast multilevel, cross sectional samples from powder..

SteriWare ViscoThief - Ideal for Single Use Cream Sampling

Our ViscoThief samplers are ideal for sterile sampling of viscous materials. It takes fast samples o..

Blue SteriWare Powder Spatula

Highly Visible Spatula - made in a cleanroom ..

SteriWare Cleaning Coupon

Our SteriWare Cleaning validation coupons are the perfect way to test and validate your cleaning reg..

SteriWare Open V Spatula NARROW & STANDARD

Our single use V spatula are ideal for surface sampling, raw material testing and general goods in t..

SteriWare Powder Lance

ideal for taking cross sectional samples through a bulk powder. Available in several convenient leng..

SteriWare Powder Spatula

Sterile sampling and dispensing powders has never been easier thanks to the SteriWare Powder Spatula..

SteriWare Powder Thief

It is ideal for taking fast representative powder samples from known locations within the bulk. The ..

SteriWare PowderSafe

The PowderSafe is an excellent solid sampling tool. It comprises of our best selling Powder Spatula ..

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AccuPod Sample Thief - Fast Unit Dose Sampling

Small volume powder samples can be quickly and accurately taken with the AccuPod sampler. The patent..

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