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Stainless steel and plastic scoops in a wide range of sizes and styles all available from stock.
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Single Use Production and Sampling Scoop
Single use powder scoops from Sampling Systems are manufactured to the highest standards. Everything from the ergonomic design, cleanroom production t..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
The Sampling Systems range of disposable scoops have been specially designed and manufactured for hygienic industries. They are found in dispensaries,..
PharmaScoops - High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Scoops
PharmaScoops are used in thousands of companies around the world. These stainless steel scoops are made from heavy gauge 316L stainless steel and so h..
Long Handled PharmaScoop
Our Long Handled PharmaScoop are ideal when you need that extra long handle to reach difficult places. The long handle allows the operator to safely ..
Open PharmaScoops
Scooping powder and granules is easy with our range of open scoops. Their heavy duty, crevice free construction makes them ideal for use in the food,..
Reusable Plastic Powder Scoop
The Reusable Measuring Scoops are the ideal scoop for general laboratory, production sand sampling work. They are available in a wide range of sizes. ..
SteriWare Long Handled Scoop
SteriWare Long Handled Scoops are the ideal tool for reaching into deep containers. The extra long handle will help operators keep their hands out of ..
SteriWare Long Handled Spoons
These Powder and liquid spoons are ideal when you to keep your hand clean in line with GMP guidelines. The long handle also means they can be easily s..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PP (White) - Chemically Resistant Scoop
The Sampling Systems range of sterile sampling scoops are used by companies all over the world. They are available in a wide range of materials and co..
Double Bagged - USP Class VI PharmaScoop
Our double bagged scoops are made from high grade medical USP class VI HDPE. They are available in a range of sizes from 125ml to 1000ml (other sizes ..
Double Bagged - USP Class VI Spoon
Our double bagged spoons are made from high grade medical USP class VI HDPE. They are available in 3ml and 10ml sizes. This premium range is double ba..
Double Bagged - USP Class VI Sterile Scoops
The SteriWare Ultra range of double bagged scoops are made from high quality USP class VI HDPE. A box liner is also used giving a third layer of prote..
GMP Scoop in 316L Stainless Steel
Our GMP scoops are suitable for use in a variety of locations including food, chemical and pharmaceutical. The fully radiused body means they are eas..
Square PharmaScoops
These flat scoops are ideal for scooping along flat surfaces or the bottom of containers. The square scoop shape means they are easy to fill and use. ..
FoodScoops 100ml
FoodScoops 100ml High Quality Stainless Steel ScoopsFoodScoops are used in thousands of food companies around the world. These stainless steel sc..
Stainless Filling Scoop
The unique filling Scoop is ideal for filling bags and bottles quickly. The hollow handle allows powder and granules to flow though it into a bag or b..
Weighing PharmaScoop
The Weighing PharmaScoop has a flat bottom so that it can stand on a bench or weighing scales without falling over.  Weighing PharmaScoops are made fr..
Jumbo PharmaScoop with Ergonomic Handle
A range of high quality scoops manufactured from 316L stainless steel. They are designed for heavy duty use in pharmaceutical, chemical and food compa..
Measuring Scoop
The Sampling Systems Measuring spoon is ideal for scooping out fixed volumes of powder or liquid. These Measuring Scoops are made from high quality 3..
Metal Detectable Long Handled Scoops
Our Long Handled Metal Detectable Scoops are perfect for both sampling and dispensing when working with powders and granules. The long handle and the ..
Metal Detectable Scoops
Our detectable scoops are made from a special chemically resistant grade of PP. The whole range is manufactured in cleanroom conditions and packed in ..
SteriWare FoodScoop PP - BLUE
The SteriWare blue scoops are available sterile and non-sterile. The bright blue colour means they can be easily spotted if they are left behind in th..
The Sampling Systems Corer Sampler is the ideal tool for taking semi solid materials samples of materials such as waxes, cheeses, greases. The sampler..
Economy Scoops
Our stainless steel chemical and food scoops are available in a wide range of sizes from stock. They have an easy to use shape with a smooth rounded h..
Ice Scoop
The Ice Scoop has a perforated body so that liquid can easily drain. The holes are 3mm diameter so any mid sized to large ice cubes will stay in the s..
Industrial Scoops
Stainless steel industrial scoops are cost effective scoops for general purpose use. They have a robust design and available in a selection of sizes f..
Sampling cheese, wax, butter and other similar materials is easy with MaxiCorer. It is also perfect for sampling cohesive (sticky) powders. It is avai..
MiniCorer - Ideal for Sampling Cheese, Wax, Butter etc..
The Sampling Systems Mini Corer is the ideal choice for taking cheese, wax and butter samples. It is supplied in 3 handy lengths. It is manufactured f..
PTFE Scoops
Our PTFE Scoops are totally inert and are ideal when you want some the best chemical resistance. The scoops are available in both 100ml and 500ml size..
Scorpion PharmaScoop
The Scorpion PharmaScoop is ideal for dispensing and for taking surface samples. The ergonomic handle position enables the scoop to be used in small c..
Scorpion Scoop Eco
Our stainless steel Scorpion Scoop Eco has a top handle which means it is easy to use. The handle on top makes scooping powder easy, similar to a tra..
SteriWare Micro-Spatula
The sterile Micro Spatula is ideal for sampling, dispensing and measuring small amounts of powder and granule. The narrow blades gives you total contr..
SteriWare PharmaScoop HDPE
Our high quality range disposable scoops are supplied individually bagged available in sterile and non sterile versions. This HDPE version gives ..
SteriWare PharmaScoop PS - RED
Our Red Scoops are a popular item for use in laboratory, production and quality work. The bright red colour means that they can be easily seen if lef..
V Spatula
The V Spatula is a multi purpose sampling tool. It has been design for taking surface samples of powders and viscous materials. it is also suitable fo..
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